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Reviews for "Wallace & Gromit: Top Bun"

Great game

Great game aardman. I love your animations!


I enjoyed this a lot. Not only because of my shameless love for Wallace and Gromit, I promise! A well thought out game with lots of replay value. Kept my attention longer than most of the same genre. Top stuff, well worth a go!

For those below... Who wants to bake "fuckin' bread"? You'd best be glad someone wants to. Otherwise we'd have no bread. And I like bread, so that'd be awful.

(Jennifer Aniston - Hehehe. Nicely done sir. Giving you an extra point just for that.)


It's kinda funny...and it's always wallace & gromit!


I kind of agree with NG-Bumper..


it was enjoyable but then after I beat it all there was was a link to a sneak preview of a show I can't see. So if that's all there was at the end, for a certain country, then it is less than ideal, but fun non-the-less.