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Reviews for "Wallace & Gromit: Top Bun"

Well done!

Used to be a big fan of W&G, back when they made vids on VHS. Dunno if they do anymore, but I digress.

Well done game! Short, but sweet. Good ole Grommit doing the work while Wallace lazes about. I did notice some bugging when trying to queue up mouse clicks, like the car's back door opening and shutting rapidly, but didn't affect gameplay. But other than that, pretty good!


I love this game as much as i love wallace and gromit and to NGMasterCritic... do u have any idea what you're on about?

Fun and Simple tie-in. GRAND!

I love Wallace and Gromit, so as not to be baised, I'm forced to review this game as hard as possible.
Graphic: simple, what's wrong with that?
Gameplay: simple and repetative, but short and rewarding
Story: Non-existent
Fun: Yeah!
Problems: There is some lag when the screen gets crowded, and the game is unbalanced.

Not bad, could be better, but as a tie-in, it's just right.

Very Entertaining

Really nice balance of foresight and timing. Nice pace overall, and well balanced upgrade system. Plus who doesn't love Wallace and Gromit?

So fun and addictive

I can't stop playing it. Probley one of the best layed-out games. Great artwork, game play. Everything was right!!