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Reviews for "Wallace & Gromit: Top Bun"

I've been a fan of Wallace and Gromit for years

This game was really fun, and the comments from Wallace while Gromit did all of the work were just perfect. They really added great atmosphere to the game, and were a nice touch for all of the Wallace and Gromit fans. :)

To start, simply a fan.

Nice gameplay, but I needed more speed. You cut me off too soon for upgrades.


How does the guy at the top of the leaderboards have a million points?!?!

Great Fun

Been following Wallace & Gromit almost all my life, aswell as many other Aardman animations, I think I had a minor heart attack to see Aardman on Newgrounds!
Will this be a new department I wonder? Could of done with this last year when I had to write an essay on Aardman's releases :P

Anyway, onto the real review, the game was well coded, good music and sounds, and very enjoyable. I hope to see more from Aardman on NG in the future :)


I love wallace and gromit and this game made me hungry..