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Reviews for "Wallace & Gromit: Top Bun"


Wallace and Gromit inspired my career choice - I've been a fan from the beginning and it's what I'm most looking forward to on Christmas day! Cheers Aardman


I've loved Wallace & Gromit for years... and this game didn't disappoint. The forklift-style contraption was a little sluggish at first, which was annoying, but once you got the upgrades everything flowed beautifully. The game was a bit short but still very fun, a good timewaster... I couldn't help but smile at Wallace's in-game comments...

Can't wait for the new film!

Nice Games

I just hate how the person in first hacked their way to that score.

aardmananimations responds:

We've gone through and banned the highscore cheats, we'll try and keep an eye on it to keep it fair.

A Classic

Wallace and Gromit bakery forever!

Great game!

But scoring games suck.

Why? Because score games always get hacked.