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Reviews for "Wallace & Gromit: Top Bun"

purely addictive

Im lying on my bed at the moment and im thinking, " i need to go to bed, and this game is shit," To be honest i thought that this was a cleverly crafted game. Simple yet requires good techinque to play this game to its full potential and when your deep into this game you just can leave the computer. Simplicity at its finest and complete satisfaction. By the way you made me want some bread.


I absoulutely loved it! it was fun, addictive and overall great. The new wallace and gromit episode has already aired in australia and its hilarious! W&G ftw.

Very Nice!

Congratulations on a fun little game!

The graphics were very smooth, the gameplay was easy to pick up, and the game was fun to play the first and second time, but it began to lose its sparkle by the end, as it became repetitive.

The comments from Wallace were funny, as they always are, and the sound was good on the whole.

Long Live Wallace and Grommit!


Nice graphics but kinda repetitive. Nice upgrades, too!

Kinda repetitive after a while

Other than that, good game. I played 5 levels before I finally quit.