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Reviews for "Hatchling"


You've captured the "OMG who are you and what am I doing here?" look, however, a hatched dragon would probably be more concerned with getting out of it's shell :) I love it all the same - and I could never draw dragons like that (I can only do cartoonish dragons)


Great Work

This is my new background!


That is so awsome. The eyes show that it is friendly but the teeth don't. It like a baby dragon that is young that looks nice but not nesisarily acts nice back to you. 9/10.


Look at his wittle forked tongue and viciously sharp teeth!

I'm not much of an art critic, but I lurve me some dragons.

I'm sure you've been told this before, but you are an amazingly talented artist.

I know this sounds petty, but the medium-sized egg shell fragment kind of looks...off. And, to me at least, where the dragon's neck and body connect seems strange. So, no perfect score. Sorry. :(

Anyway, bottom line: amazing drawing, I will be extremely disappointed if you don't end up illustrating for novels, or something.

Keep up the good work.


i,ve drawed a dragons head