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Reviews for "Hatchling"

How Detailed!

I can't imagine the attention to detail and effort you put into this. Very simple concept with such detail and the the scenario that plays to thought; a once feared beast that actually found its origins as something so inoccent and adorable. It's not only exceptionally drawn but attests to the very word "Irony". Sensational job.


This is fucking sick bro


Hearing "I made this in an hour" makes me feel inadequate =P

I guess the only criticism I could have is the shape of the shell fragment seems like it wouldn't fit so well with the rest of the egg, but that's really a moot point if it was just a quick drawing.

I wouldn't have the patience or attention to detail to do something like this.


You've captured the "OMG who are you and what am I doing here?" look, however, a hatched dragon would probably be more concerned with getting out of it's shell :) I love it all the same - and I could never draw dragons like that (I can only do cartoonish dragons)



He's cute!