Reviews for "NarutoCreate A Character4"

Village:hidden leaf
Justus:Sharingan,rasengan,chidori,lig htning strikes,lightning bow,
Signature jutsu:Ultimate rapid-fire lightning bow shots from hell.

Age: 16
Affiliation: Hidden Leaf
Rank: ANBU/ Jonin
Jutsu List
Wood Style
Charka Absorb (learns opponents Jutsu)
Shadow Style
And Mostly anything you can think of execpt the Sexy Jutsu
Juubi Charka
Prolouge: His Grandfather was a Pacifist during the 2nd Shinobi war and created the Hidden Shadow village he also combined an ounce of all the tailed beast chakra to discover the Ten-Tails. Son expanded it to make it sutible for a host that being his son Kurai

Bio: Kurai was orphaned after his father and mother were killed. He was given an appartment close to naruto and joined the academy with him. It was their he became friends with him and saskue. Because of the artifical Juubi inside of him he mastered skills quickly and was "popular" but gave that up to be friends with Naruto. On the day they were asigned teams Kurai got on the same team as Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke. With Kakashi as the head. Kurai quickly rose in rank and was one of the only genin to pass the chunin exams along with Shikamaru. Kurai was greatly troubled when Sasuke left the village and went to train for three years alone. After his training Kurai managed to increase his charka because his seal required a minimal amount of charka to contain the Juubi if it was not met Kurai would be incapable of fighting. Kurai was kept in a hospital when gaara was capture because his seal required more charka to contain itself since he was linked to Shukaku. Kurai also was one of the only people that knew the truth about Itachi and was troubled when he died. Kurai managed to save Jiraiya from Pain but was injuried in battle. While recuperating the Hidden Leaf was attacked. Rather than think about himself Kurai saved the village by transporting Pain far away from the village. During the Five Kage Summit Kurai was asked to personally attend as a secruity measure. Kurai finally met death in the Forth Shinobi War were he sacrificed himeself to bring back the fallen Shinobi, Naruto father and mother, Nagoato, Konan and the good side of all the Atacksu and he gave naruto and Kurama Full Charka. He also brought back the Kages and the Previous host of the tailed beast. He was resurected by Edo Tensa when Orochimaru could find the fourth hokage.

class;anbu,missing nin
crow clone
gale style electric circut
gale style thunder cloud inner wave
gale style roar of rajin
gale style chidori
sharingan stage 2
sharingan genjutsu
lighting style black lighting
lighting style kirin
lighting style chdori truth spear
water style water vortex jutsu
water style water dragon jutsu
water style water prison jutsu
fire style fire ball jutsu
fire style dragon flame jutsu
fire style searing migerain
ultmate attack gale style black lighting shiver

Kuris charges his gale style chidori and launches his enemy in the air and charges them in a zig -zag formation and charges black lightingiin one hand and gale style chidori in the other and slames both of them into his enemy slicing through air

bio; when Kuris was born he was chosen to have a sharigan implanted in him becomeing his villiges weapon. As a child he was ostercized by the other childern because his eye imtemidated (if not scared) the childern away. A s a result he never had any real firendships and felt loanly all the time. He did evey thing in his power to make friends but nothing worked so he gave up and devoted evey bit of time into training and joined the anbu at age 13 but never truly happy and decided one day he would leave his village and start over and build friendships with other people sense his village was out of the question. he at one point was sent on a mission and during the mission his entier team were killed and he was a lone surviver. He saw this as his chance and made his move by fakeing his death. and left his life behind.

name: hiro
age: 13
gender: male
village: leaf
class: genin
shadow clones
water style water dragon jutsu
fire style pheonix flower jutsu
8 tiagrams 64 palms
8 inner gates
armor of sand
water style water fortex
fang over fang
beast mimicry
insect bog
sand burial
sand tsunami
ultimate jutsu;
sage art: massive rasengan barrage

Name: Akutil Ishida
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Village: Cloud (Akatsuki)
Class: Jonin
Jutsu: Shadow (Used to make objects untouchable by anyone besides him)

Ultimate Attacks: Activates his shadow on the ground around the enemy leaving them falling underground, deactivate and they won't be able to move.

Bio: As a hidden cloud jonin, Akutil was sent on a S rank mission to go undercover and join the akatsuki. The leader of the akatsuki, Pain wanted to prove Akutil's worth so they battled. Akautil fought well until he attempted to kill Pain. The other akatsuki came in and Akutil ultimately failed his mission. He was barely alive but then Naruto came to get Gaara, in the confusion Akutil slipped away and made it back to the hidden cloud village.