Reviews for "NarutoCreate A Character4"

name:asuma uzumaki
ninja rank:chunin
chakra release:wind release, fire release
taijutsu:leaf rising wind,tysuga,8 trigrams 64palms
genjutsu: haze
ninjutsu:rasegan,giant rasegan, twin swords rasegan fire style: dragon flame bomb
affilation:hidden leaf
sqaud: asuma, hinata, kiba
pesonality: positive,suportive, never gives up.
story: son of naruto uzumaki, asuma uzumaki had many close calls and has nearly broken every bone in his body. He says that only people who cant live life give up. He doesnt focus on ranking up, only on the mission ahead. he loves justice and he wont quit no matter what! he made jutsu called twin swords rasegan which is two rasegans in the shape of swords. his best friend is hinata. he also killed kabuto while spying for anything out of order.

maybe you should add a hokage suit and some other suits,nice game by the way i love the chuunin suits

Name: Zakku (family/clan name unknown)
Title: The Shadow, The brother of Hiruko
Rank: missing-nin (former Jonin)
Age: 18
Team: None
Village: Oni/Akumu
Nature Type: Dark Release, Lightning Release, Storm Release, Swift Release
Kekkei Genkai: Dark Release, Sharingan
Weapon: Dual Swords, Kunai machine gun, Kunai, Shuriken, Chakra
Jutsu: Dark Release: Inhaling Maw, Dark Release: Judgement, Storm Release Secret Technique: Demon Dragon Storm, Storm Release: Thunder Cloud Inner Wave, Swift Release: Shadowless Flight, 10 Hit Combo, Dynamic Entry, Zeus
Partner: Lars Alexandersson
Family: Hiruko (brother, deceased)
Personality: Negative: Dark Attitude, but doesn't say anything, Positive: laughs a lot and helps Naruto with his pranks
Dream: to find and ressurect his brother, Hiruko.
Bio: Zakku was born 10 years after Hiruko. But unlike him, he was born with special abilities, which were some of the Kekkei Genkais that Hiruko had gained while using the Chimera Technique. He was also born with Sharingan (his father was from the Uchiha Clan). Zakku always hated his parents for some reason, and ran away when he was 5. He never followed the north star because he never believed the myths about it. Which led him to the village of Demons, Oni. He was trained as a ninja there and became a genin at the age of 11. He became a Chunin at the age of 15, and then became a Jonin at the age of 17. He ran away from the village two months after he became Jonin because he was bored. He kept his headband though, colored black with a silver head with a scarred symbol of the Oni Village (it got scarred during his last mission before running away). He found the hidden leaf village and met Naruto. He stayed at the village for three months, then went to the village in the clouds where he met Lars Alexandersson, who became his best friend in a very short time. Lars taught Zakku some of his Jutsus and he traded with some of his own. They called it "Jutsu Trading". When Zakku left the village, Lars came with him and they searched for powerful enemies to increase their strength. One Day, Zakku learned of Hiruko and he vowed to find him and ressurect him.

Name: Raikiri Chidori
Rank: Anbu
Age: 16
Afflation: Akatsuki
Village: Village Hidden In Lightning
Nature Type: Wind, Water, Fire, Lightning Release based techniques
Kekkei Genkai: Bone:Copy: Iron:Copy; Gale:Copy; Sharigan:Stolen from members of Uchiha clan; Weapon:His own kekei Genkai
Bone : Clemitis Dance, vine and flower; Larch dance
Iron: Steel Skin
Gale: Black Panther; Black Smoke Dragon of the Underworld; Long Dragon Sacred Jutsu
Sharigan: Kamui, Mangekeyo, Amatarasu, Sussan'o, Yasaka Magatama
Weapon: Kunai: Control Direction Movement; Sword: Long Dart distance Peirce; Sword: Lightning Stream; Execution Blade: Demon Single Sweep; Demon Wind Shuriken: Windmill Of Shadows: Large mass cutting; Three Blade Scythe: Soul Hunting Cuts
Wind: Rasengan; Wind Devestation, Infinite Air Bullets; Air Bullet Pellets
Water: Water Dragon; Giant Water Vortex; Rapid Water Torrent Stream
Fire: FIreball; Giant Fireball; Dragon Flame; Dragon Flame Bombs
Lightning: Raikiri; Chidroi; Raikiri Blade; Chidori Blade; Kirin
Wind+Amatarasu=Tornado: Giant Vortex of Death
Water+Amatarasu= Oil: Oil Mixed Water Explosion
Fire+Amatarasu= Inferno: Giant Flame Volcano Explosion
Lightning+Amatarasu= Thunder: Kirin; Lament Lightning: Kirin Rush Blast
Sussan'o: Black Arrow; Peircing Arrow of the Mangekeyo; Destructive Yasaka Magatama
Rings: Hokuto - Northern Star.
Partner: None
Positive Personality: idealist, you set your mind to something and get it done.
Negative Personality: disrespectful, argumentative.
Hobby: Killing Comrades

This game is pretty entertaining, it needs more stuff but still. I suggest to add jouning vests to the female section. Overall nice game