Reviews for "NarutoCreate A Character4"

ok my character is
:name Foye Mephune
:rank chunin
:best friends lucky crystal
:village hidden leaf
:attacks shadow star shadow wave
:squad lucky crystal
:weapon a scythe
:age 15
:personality kind caring smart calm
:story was born in the hidden leaf foye is a natural he is very brave and kind he has always done good on his missions and always looks after his friends he met two students his first year named lucky and crystal they became friends and were in the same squad he has saved his friends and has almost died saving them many times he never gives up and looks up to the sand villages very own gara and he as well made his own attacks called shadow star and shadow wave shadow star shoots a dark shadowy beam from his and and shadow wave shoots a pulse of shadow around him and they are very strong attacks in the end he is very strong and brave he is looked up to by meny students that's it.(sorry my characters story is so long)

this game is awesome!!
and by the way? whats the song name?

Keiko: For a beta game... This is very impressive!

Saiko: -laughing at how revealing I can make the outfits-

This is plain out EPIC and btw XD the dudes get a hero and the women get a bitch! XD

you should add the tailed beast and susano and real madara hair and clothes reanimation eyes nine tails chakra mode