Reviews for "NarutoCreate A Character4"

Name:Naruto (Kyuubi) Sensai: Kakashi Hatake Age:The same as Naruto Uzumaki Rank:The same as Naruto Uzumaki Village:Hidden leaf Jutsu:Kyuubi grab, Kyuubi rasengan, Four tailed chakra blast, Nine tailed barrage Weapon:None Team:Team seven (Team Kakashi)

Name: Minato Hatake
Sensei: Sakura Haruno
Team/Squad: 1 alpha
Best friend: Naruto Uzumaki
Age: 12 1/2
Rank: Chunin
Weapon: Fuuma shuriken
Village: Hidden Leaf
Best abilities (non jutsu): His smarts in using the battlefield to his advantage, he has the 3rd place record for kunai throwing, he has the 5th best records in his class, and he is targeted to become a part of the anbu black opps.
Main Jutsu(s): chidori, genjutsu, mangekyou sharingan, and shadow blast (a mixture of chidori, and resengan.
Affiliations: Alpha squad 1 (currently), Hokage bodyguard (age 13), and anbu black opps (at age 14)
Story: Son of Kakashi and named after Kakashi's sensei, Minato has been chosen to one day lead the anbu black opps, and even surpass Hokage. Minato does not want to be Hokage for he says he does not deserve. Minato spends his free time reading books, and playing Shogi. Minato has been chosen to lead other villages as kazekage, mizukage, and even raikage. Throughout his life he has learned and taght ninjutsu to younger students from the hidden leaf, to the hidden sand, and the hidden mist. He has ended wars with his abilities of smarts that makes him think of a war as a game of Shogi. Minato in his older years writes books, teaches special ninjutsu, and lives deep in the song village on a mountain top in a tiny cottage with his good neighbors who play Shogi with him.

Man,this is great! But it would be better if you could save your character next time

You forgot TonTon! Y'know the pig! D:

I won't say alot for my character
He's a student of Naruto and became the 7th Hokage :)