Reviews for "NarutoCreate A Character4"

Name: Sango
Gender: Female
Village: Leaf
Class: Jonin
Team: None.
Friend and rival: Sakura and Ino
Weapon:None; her powers;
fighting skill: Finds enemies weak points then strike there quickly
Ultimate move: Shadow death strike and Death's kiss.
Abilities: Darkness and light, can change her personality when needed.
Goal: to be strong enough to protect everyone she loves and cares about.
Crush: Gaara
She was bullied by Sakura and Ino but when on missions with one of them, they're nice to her. She's shy and grew up alone though she helped Naruto through his training. Orochimaru gave her the curse mark when she a child. She learned how to control it.

what did you use to create this game?

team:naruto and sakura
friend and rival:naruto
who likes him:sakura
weapon:giant starblade
fighting skills:maxed
unlimate move:dragon air strike
adilites:dark dragon
goal:to find the man that killed his family.

kenichi is a young boy who whats to be the greatest ninga in history and be the next
hokage and defeat the man who killed his family.

Me encanta

name:shade uchiha
1:sharingan,magekyo sharingan
2:shadow clone jutsu
3:rasengans:dark rasengan,crescent moon rasengan,mini shurikan rasengan
4:dark dragon bomb
5:dark tornado
ultimate jutsus:
1:ultimate dark tornado mangekyo sharingan+dark tornado
2:knight sasuno'o
bio:shade grew up with his dad his mom died at age 3 then when he reached age 12 his dad died and he was left on the streets to beg for food and money