Reviews for "NarutoCreate A Character4"

Pretty good so far

I agree that click and drag is better. but these items look good. I think you should have more misc. items too, not just stuff from the show and try to fix the thing where the hair goes over the shirt cuz it kinda messes with most shirts. more weps and music would be good too, but great so far

Knight-Of-Nights responds:



Please Read! I've been waiting for a game like this for ages. I'm a huge Naruto fan and thanks for making this. On the click and drag I couldn't get the pants on right. By the way I told people on youtube to come to this sight for a contest on who can make the best character.

Knight-Of-Nights responds:

Thanks :)

Amazing, but still lacking something...

I think this game is awesome, one of the best Naruto Creator thing I've played. But I think you should stick to the click and drag, it was a lot better that way, keep up the good work...


I wish you could've created more options for hair, though. Like, make Gaara's hair black or something.

If you DO Make the RPG...

Make sure the character customazation has the same stuff in this! I like this when its not in click and drag format, I always drag the parts and they wont go on perfectly (Yes, That means it looks bad).