Reviews for "NarutoCreate A Character4"

Awasome add susano

name sage sakura sexy...
age 18
mum traradid
dad jiray
bro or sis hark and itachi
drame sex naruto and sasuke and kakashi
class gien rude

name:yoku chan
friends:naruto and sakura
dream:become a hokage
enemies:sasuke and tobi
special ability:sharingan

Name: Tai Jun
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Village: Leaf
Class: Jonin
Team: Sasuke and Sakura
Friend: Orochimaru
Weapon: Kunai
Fighting Style: Aggresive
Fighting Skill: Make the first strike the deadly one
Ultimate Jutsu: Phoenix Strike, Death Wish, Blood Bath
Abilities: Fire and Darkness
Goal: Kill every ninja that abused him or that wore a leaf ninja headband
After being abused by his teammates at age 12, Tai Jun ran away into the arms of Orochimaru, who had been watching him for a while. He taught Tai Jun how to become ninja and later was given a curse mark after earning the rank of Jonin. At that point, he'd betrayed the his everyone in Konoha and became a rogue ninja. Though all of the ninja hunters tried to get rid of him, Tai Jun just simply destroyed them. Then he managed to awaken his inner demon from its slumber and channeled its power into his own chakara. 3 years later, Tai Jun had returned to Konoha for one reason: to kill all those who had done him wrong in the past.

Name: Zed
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Village: Sand
Class: Chunin
Team: Gaara and kankuro
Best Jutsu: Desert funeral
Chakra: Wind, earth, fire
Is brothers with Gaara and Sasori all of them were feared in the village because our power was dangerous. Became chunin at a young age, killed 3 jonins and 5 other chunins. the kazekage tried to have me killed by leaf ANBU but I killed them with Desert Funeral and then became a rogue ninja