Reviews for "NarutoCreate A Character4"

Name: Gen Akashi
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Village: Leaf
Class: Chunin
1: Sharingan, Mangekyo Sharangan
2: Shadow Clone Jutsu
3: Rasaengan
4: Chidori
5: Fireball Jutsu
6: Pheonix Flower Jutsu
7: 8 Inner Gates
9: Primary Lotus
10: Hidden Lotus
Ultimate Justus:
1: Amaterasu
3: Susano'o
4: Death Rasengan
Bio: As a child, Gen was picked on by bullies.For a currently unknown reason, he was suddenly devoted to training and became one of the top students in his class.Since childhood, he has always had a crush on his best friend and teammate Yuri.

Name: Yuri
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Bra Size: C
Village: Leaf
Class: Chunin
1: Healing
2: Transformation

Bio: Yuri, being a somewhat useless ninja always seems to find herself captured and in need of rescuing from her teammates.Yuri has had a crush on her best friend and teammate Gen since childhood.

Name: Kai Yenz
Age: 18
1. Inkutasha x1 - 15 ( red chidori)
2. Intense action sharingan! ( a sharingan that places them on a edge of a cliff with 100 clones of kai behind them kicks them off all at once)
3. Kai counter attacks! ( a counter with a hard punch kicking them away and a Inkutashax10 at the end)
Ultimate attacks:
1. Tenstuaka! (Translation: Super Inkutasha!)
2. Intenskuzu sharingan! ( a sharingan in which the opponent is completely COMPLETELY sorrouned by kai clones and the all seem to have clouds sword. In a swift second they stab him one corner at a time)
3. Fire style: Fireball rain! ( Rains giant fire balls from a red cloud)
Awakening: Angel prince kai
Bio: as a child kai was given the gift of the angel prince to fight the nine tails. although only 3 kai did not know how to fight but still kept the gift of the angel prince he grew up with toya. and became rivals to see who could become hokage first turns out. there were in the same squad. then kai met narua who he like and vice versa ( jsyk toya was jeolus of kai :3) The n the akatski came and took narua this cause kai to awakened he defeated the akatsuki but trained to control his anger and his awakening and his power.

Name: Toya
Age: 18
1. Amatuskiyu ( orange electric rasengan)
2. Namunski ( Causes a rain of clones to attack he can summon up to 10 clones at once)
3. Level up! ( Causes toyas attack power to increase also his arms expand)

Ultimate attack:
1. PARTIAL EXPANSION JUTSU! ( If your a naruto fan you should know. toya expands his size to a very fat colossal form in which he stomps on his opponent)
2. Elemental style: Elemental Energy blast! ( its a rainbow blast that causes elemental damage)

Awakening: Demon prince Toya
Bio: As toya didnt know he was disquised and raised as a overworld human. he grew up and was rivals with kai. After the defeat of the akatsuki toya and kai went into a deathbattle in which kai won. but he went to fight his brother, Inka, To increase his power with, and master the sharingan.
even though he was his rival kai though they were friends and searched for him tehy had another deathmatch where toya won. and so kai went to train with kuzai. the hokage of the hidden water village.

Kai after training with kuzai is 20. all the other things are the same the moves are advaced and the inkutasha levels up to up to 25.

If your Making the next update please add this:
-Sage Naruto Coat and Eyes
-Jutsus (Or attacks)
-Gamakatchi And Other Pets
_New Pose

i hope the next update will become much more complete with characters but, the game are quite good just more updates and more costume and animal will be added to this game, more option to this game from hair to animals even background, try to add chunin exam stadium, hokage monument, konoha shrine as the background, for hair try to create more style, for skin color its ok to add red, for weapons please add small shuriken and large kunai, for animal just add all kakashi's dogs and gamabunta and some frogs, and the others just add this to menus as reset,save,submit a character button, now for the poses try to make other poses like sit down, lay up stand, grouch. and for the character view add this views like front view, side view left and rigth, and back view of all the characters create by users.

so i give this game as 4/5 means GOOD

epic game with a very good song of naruto shippuden