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Reviews for "Wrap Attack"

the wrost game ever

horriball graphic sounds and gameplay!!!!
dont try to be a Game Maker my advist!!!!!
the wrost game ever played by a human bieng!!!!!

"Awww, so cute!"

I love this game.
It has action and cuteness mixed into one!
Great job!

good graphics

entertaining, and great music!

No awards?!

This game didn't win any awards? How is that possible? It's a great game! All in all, this was extremely enjoyable. The graphics were good, the gameplay wasn't too hard (I liked it how running out of time didn't mean you automatically lost), and it was just fun, hitting all that stuff and exploring the environment. I can see that this is your first game here, and I'm very happy to play it. Please make more, and I'm sure you will be recognized for the great work you've done!


Woohoo, I finally beat the game in one shot and now I'm number 5 on the all-time high score list!

This game was frustrating at times (I hate those spinning dolls!) but a lot of fun. The only question I have is on level 4-1, where is the magic door? The level's not that big and I've looked everywhere but I can't find it.

Funnaut responds:

Hi! You can find the entrance of magic door on level 4-1 "into the rocks". :)