Reviews for "Trever's Street Walk"

i thought...

it was a nice game i don't think u should get Blamed for this

Another Amazing Game!

Yet another amazing FleckoGold game!

I just loved the graphics that just made the game look just that bit more professional. The gameplay itself was simplistic, but a joy to play

The characters and artwork were really good and the power-ups were great aswell

Just generally an amazing game, and I'm looking forward to many more like this!


Fracture :]


i loved this game i was rank 9 ninja samurai this makes me want to try and get rank 13 so badly

FleckoGold responds:

13 is tough, I actually managed to obtain it once last night. Collect a bunch of cash, and squeeze yourself into those crowds of people to take them all out (without getting killed on). Power-ups also give you points regardless of having no use for them anymore. Good luck though!


So awesome

great game... took a while to get used to, when i finnaly beat it, i got rank 12- true samurai and a score of 22550... WOOT

FleckoGold responds:

Very awesome, good job!


The rules of the real world apply

If you stay on the sidewalk and don't run in the middle of the street, you live! Amazing huh? So yeah, great game. Not hard, just one for button mashing. If you make a second one like this try a side scroll instead of vertical, and don't change the fact that you are constantly running, because that makes this feel like an epic battle when you reach the end and didn't die.