Reviews for "TheLloyds:WonderfulTonite"

You'll Laugh You're Ass Off

Another great glimpse into the lives of Newground's most hilarious and loveable mongolid family. This time they give the Osmonds and the Bradys a run for their money with a cool psychedalic video dealing with retarded issue that affect us all. Touching, awe inspiring, and ground breaking film.

That kicked ass.

That was ded funny! I loved the loader too! hehehe! keep up da good wurk! laterz <MtG>


that woman is like a cross between courtney love and my sister.

Lloyds are the best !

The Lloyds series is the best flash series i've seen yet. This one was hilarious. Keep up the great work

pretty gooo

this ones pretty good if you like that sort of thing