Reviews for "TheLloyds:WonderfulTonite"

One of the Best!

There aren't enough words to descirbe how great this movie is. It's hotter than a rump roast on a hot summer 'morn.

I had to give a good score......

Because it was just too damn disturbing to be bad! now, I have to think up some stuff thats even more distubing to even compete with this crazy shit!

ha ha fuckin funy

ha ha i love the lloyds i feel re iiiiiiiii fel reeeee

That, was um, interesting

ok, that was kinda funny, the song got a laugh or two. You just didn't make them retarded enough for me. I mean if you gonna goof on them, go all out.


It had a trailor-trash, illiterate, cousins = dozens kind of humor that you just can't get anywhere else. All in all, it was bottles. (that's a lil N.C. for cool.)