Reviews for "TheLloyds:WonderfulTonite"


i dont know what to say!!! it wuz so cool it made squirrels look smart! i liked it when mongo said"when i walk down the street i fall on my face,hu,because i dont know which foot goes first,hu" you definitely deserve a 10 for this movie!(sorry if got what mongo said wrong)

keep up the good work

i liked this one more than the non interactive ones

you should make them like fight or something lol
would be great

welps my 2 cents :P

If I saw this when I was a kid...

If I saw this when I was a little kid I'd get nightmares. Not meant to be negative. Everything is about humor and I like the retarded song.

((( HEHEHE )))

ok once again the artwork is decent, the audio well it needs work, and i have noticed that they look alot like "SLOTH" heheh well if you know who that is then you would know what i mean, anyways keep up the reatrds...

it was alright

it was so so