Reviews for "TheLloyds:WonderfulTonite"


That was just funny!!! I like the song; except it sticks in my brain for a while...

"I feel Re... Retarded"

I get it now

At first I didn't know what the fuck that man was saying but then I realized he was supposed to sound like that. I never liked these cuz looking at them gave me a bad feeling in my stomach but that don't make them bad people.

I feel RE


Devils til I die

What the fuck I told you about talking to me?

It's really really good. Damn. you can draw great. It you be better with the lips moving when they talk at the start. I hear people complaining about the sound. You're not supposed to understand much.... They retarded and they talk like the morons that they are. Pfft... stupid people. Anyway. I like this movie, but you don't have to take my word for it....

A comical video about austic/retarted people.

Well the video is a true comedy pot. I very much liked that this video featured two things, interactivity and a video, it also had a pretty quick load time compared to " Star Wars Gangsta Rap ", but I'd say because the graphics are as crisp and clear as " Star Wars Gansta Rap ", the sound is a bit shaky, and I don't like when it will repeat fragments of it, when you are doing interactions in the video ( an example, is when you are putting on the woman's make up. ). I didn't really think it had a style of its own, I've seen so many videos that people drew characters for, and this although had a curve of its own, did not revolutionize Flash techniques. In closing, if you want to laugh I'd reccommend this, but if you have austic/retarted family you may be offended by this.