Reviews for "Little Aviator"


I like the voice, i like the graphics and i like the story. Nice work!

it was cute

i'm pretty sure that what i want to say you've already heard before, so yeah. good job. nice animation. the only thing that kind of irks me is the little boy's voice. Sometimes it seems a little overdone. Nothing that takes away from the animation as a whole though-- it's got a great setting and atmosphere. I'll be looking forward to more!

KartuneHustla responds:

thanks for the review man! Yeah, some people had problems with the voice, and others didn't. I can't do much about :P

It tried really hard...

I felt like the entire thing was trying to tug at my heart but it fell flat. The music is was set the mood, and it was find and dandy, even though cliche. The characters didn't really do much. There was no conflict going on in this movie. Yeah the kid wants to be a pilot, that's all? It didn't go anywhere.
The dialogue was pointless, this type of movie would be more successful without any dialogue at all. It came off as too generic and bland. Especially the Dad. Who says merry christmas to their kid like that? I lol'd at that scene.
Work on your drawings. Perspective baby. Keep your character style, but learn some hardcore perspective so you can do the dynamic style you were trying to do.
Also, the ending didn't really conclude anything or do anything at all. It just kinda ended it.
I know how long animations take, and the amount of effort needed, and i saw the effort it's just your final product fell flat. Try again next time. Oh and you like the Iron Giant, this movie screams that you like the Iron Giant.

KartuneHustla responds:

I don't get what you mean by perspective. You really don't explain anything by saying perspective. But I'll work on my perspective. Everything in a movie needs perspective. If there is no perspective, then what the perspective makes this movie.
Like i said before in another response, I tried to make this a musical based project before I started, but the transition of him from inside to outside would be hard without having any dialogue at all. He finishes watching tv, then after that I don't have anything to make him go outside.
The dialogue, well... if you don't like it then you don't like it. Can't do much about that
And yes, there is no conflict. The point of this was to give you small things so you can interpret it for yourself. I guess you didn't get anything out of it, so that's that. Good review though.


Good Job

good job breaking away this website from the sensless humor (which i luv btw) and makin a meaningful animation, 10/10


The music really added a nice touch to your movie. Touching is a good word for this.