Reviews for "Little Aviator"

Awwww how sweet :')

What a touching movie. That's all I can say. It brought a tear to my eye.


Your movie is great, the story was very touching i gave you a 5/5 but you only get a 9/10 because its too short for my taste and i really wanted to know what happend to his mum and so and how actually the story ended ;)

really touching

this is a great vid with a really good story.. touching but very good .. good job !

I expected more

That was quite pro, like wow, but the thing is, that i saw the back of the plane and expected a flashback of his mom fighting in the war and being killed, then i also expected the plane to come back ot him with a note that said i love u or something, that would have truly been touching but its still pretty awesome


Very good voice acting. Very touching. And very good artwork.