Reviews for "Little Aviator"


Nice - reminds me of when i was younger - i wanted to fly planes, too. Even now i think it'd be fun to be a pilot. However, something about back in the 40's really just does it for me rather than being one of these jet pilots... Propeller planes!


i dont have the right word to say how great this video is but it really touched my heart

rly touching

It rly touched my heart, great job :]


I guess the story is kind of nice, but the only problem is I really don't like the voice acting on Howard. I know that this review is going to get marked useless because I don't like the sound of anime voice acting, but it kills me. Oh, no offense, Deven Mack. Maybe it's just me, but it makes it unwatchable for me.

just awesome

it sound just like a movie btw is this a movie?

if it is a movie send me the name of it