Reviews for "Little Aviator"


I am giving 10 star... not because it didnt take my intresed ( it's not my kind of thing) but because you made it so well and amazing, it deserves 10/10

It turned me on. XD

jk jk... ncie graphics tho. keep it up i hope theres sequels and stuff.

reluctant review

the animation was fluid and amazing but the voice acting for the little boy was annoyingly overbearing..... ill just put it this way is was so annoying that I could not enjoy the flash.. i mean you could at least find a younger person or someone who sounds like a kid to play the part. Other than that everything was solid.


It's great to see something heartfelt and original like this between all the flashes about pop culture and violence. (not that I mind that stuff) :p Music was amazing, give my props to Mr. Sinclair.


thus story touch me lol