Reviews for "Little Aviator"


sniff that was beutifull

This is touching.

A true work of art. It is very well-made, everything is... good. It's... just beautiful. Thank you for this piece.


Was she in a dam UFO? In the picture and the last scene she seemed like it was a disc with windows. Other than that it was good animation, voice acting, and story.

truly inspirational

most flashes on newgrounds have violence in them and for that reason they r voted high, so i was thinkin at the beginning of this one that if somethin happens to that kid i was gonna go apeshit on somethin cuz he wuz precious. but you kept it good and clean and still got a 5 and a 10 from me...keep it up!

Great Job

Beautiful storyline and the art work was great, i hope you can continue with it.