Reviews for "Little Aviator"

oh i crid

I crid it was great. What a nice setting.


This was really nice to watch. Whoever writes a bad review on this is a idiot

nice one

that was really really good. really well done!

Really Nice

This is the way people should make their stories, has a meaning and touching and waiting for the sequal, it was very-very impressive

Wow Buddy!

Extremely Impressive Movie.

Seriously that was a crazy-good. I wish I was there to help you color and I am glad you had inspiration to continue with flash because I thought you were stuck somewhere lol. (I couldn't talk to you on Skype for like 2 months and then I lost my comp for 3 more months)

Anyway Im glad you had a lot of support man! That was a fantastic short, animation was smooth. The Music by Andrew fit perfectly, and Dmac does an awesome job like always.

KartuneHustla responds:

Thanks broham :)