Reviews for "Little Aviator"


This was actually really good. It had amazing animations, and super voice acting. It was cute, and really nice, even tho it wasnt funny.


nice and animation and storyline is superior sorry but ending kinda lacked there but still great.keep it up, its nice to have people like you with stories like this it was great. like i said keep it up. dont forget to make a sequel. kinda like the kid growing up or something and becoming an aviator. just giving you a little tip there.

KartuneHustla responds:

actually, the sequel i had in mind takes place right after he throws the plane. So it will start where this one left off


really nice piece of work. good one. :)


What I like about this piece in particular isn't just the awesome story, good animation, or the good audio and soundtrack. It was the stylization that you put into it. This animation had a unique feel that made me think of watching movies on TCM. I think you nailed the time period and also make a distinct style for your animation that makes you stick out above a lot of other artists.

This was my first animation of yours that I've watched on newgrounds, but I promise you it won't be the last. I can't wait for the sequel, whenever it comes out, and I'd be glad to help you with any voice acting you might need (I'm a Junior at a college for radio so I have access to facilities to record my voice and send it to you).

KartuneHustla responds:

Ill definitely let you know if I'm ever looking for parts

Beautiful But Short

This really sent an emtional chill over my body. The voice acting was AMAZING and the graphics were BEAUTIFUL. But when it ended.. I was like WTF? It seemed more like a very good intro than a movie. If you continue this, and enter this in as an intro, you will win things my friend.

Good luck.

KartuneHustla responds:

I don't get what you mean by win things hahahaha, but okay