Reviews for "YOU are a PIRATE!"

not bad

5 because you used captain planet's theme song, lol

Starogre responds:

that's what im talkin about. getting high scores for music choice! thanks


this music really is from lazy town, but you kinda made it alot better!!! also when that pirate got hit by a hammer i began to laugh, and the credits music with captain planet was cool too, i live in another country, so the music from lazy town sounds alot different when in my language, if i have to be honest, it sounds way better on english, nice work

Starogre responds:

thank you so much

Best video about pirates

*electro europop crap music*
Anyways,the animation was actually good.The song itself is addicting.But this video seals the deal.

Starogre responds:

I do

may sucks

may was always my least favorite besides faust

its good