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Reviews for "YOU are a PIRATE!"

Wonderful flash!

Just wondering. What are the songs that you used in there?
I know there was the pirate song, then the girl's pirate song, and then the Captain Planet song.
Excellent flash and excellent point nonetheless.

Starogre responds:

you are a pirate is one song, captain planet is another

Aww, so awesome

Pirates, Captain Planet, Pirating, what more can you get? This is my favorite musical animation by far =D

Starogre responds:

thanks man! i owe it all to the music!

Good for one reason...

The reason this wins is because of the Captain Planet music.

Starogre responds:



and may the flying spaghetti monster touch u wit his noodly appendage. lmao i didnt think many people knew about that obscure religion :) FSM is the best

Starogre responds:

no idea what fsm is

may sucks

may was always my least favorite besides faust