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Reviews for "YOU are a PIRATE!"

Oh my gosh.. is that Captain Planet?!?!?!?!?!? -foams out of mouth- Amazazing!!

I'll give no stars because i don't want you to delete it D:

so random...but funneh XD

Well, it's in the Top 50 now. I hope you don't delete it, as it is a very good cartoon at least IMHO. Trust me, I have seen a lot more crappier things submitted that have gotten on the Top 50. I appreciate you showing they lyrics to the song. I sincerely did not know all of them until now. That "Captain Planet" is a pretty cool song too.

I'm not really a fan, I just think that's cool music. Good thing you managed to win an award of some kind. I like to make jokes about pirates in that sense as well. I was afraid it was going to be an infinite loop at first. It actually doesn't even show the whole song.

I gave it a 3. I actually liked the concepts you put in here. The adobe chest was one of the funniest things for me. I can sorta understand why you don't want this rated so high though lol.