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Reviews for "YOU are a PIRATE!"

just wondering

have YOU paid for the music you used?
``YOU are a PIRATE!``

Starogre responds:

nope. i am talking about software, not music

Freaking awesome.

I'm a pirate!!!! Pirates unite! (sorry software developers, you lose.) :(

Starogre responds:

yes they lose


This wins just for the Captain Planet music at the end.

Starogre responds:

that is what i am talking about


I lol'd but siia can't do shit if you have PG2. Also it doesn't hinder software companies that much it just forces them to stop wasting money. They can still produce quality software but they can't waste money doig it which is good. An example of good free shit is Linux based OS and programs. Although I am doing a massive ammount of bitching 9 out of 10 good job.

Starogre responds:


M'suire, i'll inform

those talking about a competion are reffering to the talk like a pirate competition. Some early poster linked this flash (love that person Jon, they love you) so that's why you have so many 'you'd win' comments. Everyone, if you'll bother to look where he got the audio from, you'll see it's from lazytown, an oxymoronic kids' show starring fitness coaches. It involves puppets, singing, slave labour, and blegh. This is the song sung by dastardly (i think that's his name), You are a pirate, designed to get the kids lazy somehow.

BTW: My sister used to watch this show a lot.
PS: This owned tons.

Starogre responds:

yeah i saw the link eventually thanks