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Reviews for "YOU are a PIRATE!"


Best music EVAR! And the metaphor for computer piracy was really creative.

thats amazing

what would we do without bit torrent?

also, who is the girl pirate with a giant anchor?

Starogre responds:

May, from guilty gear XX accent core

and a pirate i am!

honestly though, i have no idea what point you're trying to make with this, if any.
aside from the obvious animation flaws, it was fairly good and kept me watching.
anyway. on to the juicy discussions.
Wouldn't it be nice if everything was free? and the only obligations you have to pay are if you truly want to support the creators?
yeah, that would be nice. too many people would take advantage of that, though. such a shame.

Starogre responds:

its not too bad. i don't know how many people are actually profiting off illegal software, but most professional businesses and schools have 10s to 100s of copies of adobe's software which makes them a looooot of money. and their software is sold worldwide too...

I'm sorry...

...but I enjoyed this D: the song was what made the flash. Now, if it had just been a flash with no pirate music, this would not have been as funny. lol at "seeder trees" =D

Starogre responds:

and seed they shall

Good for one reason...

The reason this wins is because of the Captain Planet music.

Starogre responds: