Reviews for "Planetoid - Chapter 2"

Quite captivating.

Ah, it's so difficult to review this because I've already told you most of my thoughts on this already, haha, and I dislike repeating myself. As I've said, it was very cinematic, and created a great deal of suspense with the unfolding events. I was incredibly impressed (like before) with the special effects and particularly pleased with the lighting effects when he crashed on that mysterious planet, which was something I hadn't seen before. The light was very vivid, and very realistic. I can tell how much work you put into all the shading and the explosions and the various 3D shapes, so I'm really glad that it turned out well. It's getting to be quite an interesting little series and I can't wait for number three. Well done.

Fate responds:

Heh, thanks.
I wouldn't have minded if you'd repeated things, because then they're out in the open, and not in my inbox :P
You only originally only saw up too...him crashing into the tree, I think, so I guess you wouldn't have seen the blue planet...
an improvement on him 'opening his eyes'? :P


great job i enjoyed it more than the first becasue it was easier to follow
the effects were great
keep up the good work and looking foward to the thrid

Fate responds:

I'm glad SOMEBODY picked up on the special effects.
they took up a fair chunk of time, and space.
and I'm glad it was easier to follow.
that's what I strived for.
I'll have to do a third one now.

He had to suffer

was it necessary to make him hurt
sometimes the story doesnt make sense
but it still is good
i was interested all through the video
i cant wait till the third

Fate responds:

If you tell me where it doesn't make sense, I'll know where to improve.
It was sort of necassary to make him hurt, to make you feel for the character.

This series is great...

It kept me watching, as it is very interesting, but in this one the end wasn't very clear. The little image ( You know, the one close to "Watch this movie!") is very bad, though. I like the concept of changing the style every chapter.

Fate responds:

Isn't clear...
I suppose it gets explained...IN THE NEXT ONE :D
but how is it less clear than the first? :P
I thought I'd be getting heaps of complaints about the 'snow place lie comb' thing.
But I'm glad you enjoyed it.
and thanks for the ongoing support (^^)


it looked promising and very interesting...but wtf man!!! thats it??? it needs more. its like the start of something and then NOTHING...

Fate responds:

Dude, Animations are limited by size and time.
I animate to a song, and when that song finishes, so does the animation.
If you're going to mark me down because I left it with a cliffhanger, maybe you should go somewhere else.