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Reviews for "The Last Minute Shopper"


at the end i like where he snaps his neck

Clever, Effective and Emotive

This is brilliant.
No real two ways about it.
Your two tone style suits the story so vividly, and makes it flow like a moving comic, its dreary, but in that satisfying story telling manner that befits the main characters outlook on life.

The way the credits roll out to the music with your comic strips, which i thought were phenominal by the way, really made this flash an experiance rather than just a way to waste time.

I look forward to seeing more of your work


It has a good style,i see you used toonboom?
Anyway,keep up the good work...

knobbywood responds:

You must be refering to the 3d camera movements. Unfortunately i don't have toonboom(yet). I used flash and after effects


First of all I need to say this; I give out 8's for anything that I think is amazing, something that people give 10's for. So when I give this a nine, it means you did something right. The story is what sold me. You did an excellent job with the storyline; it couldn't have been better. Quite seriously that was better than the TV I am watching right now. In the Flash, I could only find some minor mistakes. Such mistakes were with the sound, it was kind of quiet; and when the main character was shot, he barely seemed to notice it. When you are shot in the gut...It HURTS! Anyway, yes those were the only mistakes I found; if you could take that into consideration for your next flash, it would be greatly appreciated on my end. Some strong points: the music was perfect, I absolutely loved the way you placed it all. The animation was of a high quality, I was impressed at your work. To put the ending credits with the comic book page layout in the background was the best choice you could have made; that enhanced the experience for me.
Thank you for submitting a great flash. I am looking forward to your next submission. Excellent work.

knobbywood responds:

thanx for the kind words! and yes, i take all constructive criticism into consideration. I'll try my best to make the sound as high quality as possible on my future submissions:) And you might eat your words with the bullet hurting bid. Next character that gets shot in one of my stories is def gonna let ya know it hurt:P

cool idea

very nice :D would love to see more

knobbywood responds:

I'm working on it:)