Reviews for "Detious - Mind My Rage"

This is actually better than I thought it would be. I wish we could do a collab. :)
The bass was pretty nice

DetiousMusic responds:

Did you expect it to suck? d:
I don't see why not! I just have to wait for my program to be mailed to me.
But we totally can!

I've been going through the Techno section for ages trying to find something like this, Great job! :D

DetiousMusic responds:

I wasn't even sure what genre to put this in, but thanks! :D

Wonderful job DR. You nail'd this one. Collab? <3

DetiousMusic responds:

Dr is my old name, it's Detious now. d:
Once I get Ableton Live 8.2 suite next week then hell yeah!


I'm so adding this to my BF3 playlist...

DetiousMusic responds:

Haha, dude go for it!

I Sould listen to this while playing CounterStrike XD

DetiousMusic responds:

Haha! don't rage on CounterStrike! But make a montage to it. ;D