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Reviews for "Song of Raving Storms"

Awesome, mind blowing.

danyool777 responds:

haha thanks <3

downright amazing man id love to see this in a hardcore dubstep i could definitely see it lol
i had to bring out the 70mm drivers for this and i love it 50mm drivers wont cover the epicness you have made

danyool777 responds:

Lol what
anyways thanks for the review <3


Just...take all my 5...

danyool777 responds:

Ill take it
Thank you :3

OoT motion picture action sequence, GO! That's the only thing I can fit this amazingly epic music to. A live action Zelda movie. And this has got to be one of the epic battle scenes in the middle of the rain and lightning. I can even see him using the lighting for an attack at some point. Like the lighting striking his sword and he slices it at the enemy, causing more lighting bolts to strike him. Just awe inspiring. I'll gladly give this a 50/5. Yes, 50/5. Cause it exceeds anything I've heard from OoT on this site so far. Keep up the awesome work. :D

danyool777 responds:

Lol what thanks.

This is my favorite song ever and I give it over 9000/5 make more remix's of the Oot songs if you can that would be awesome.