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Reviews for "Frank Jones"


Great song
Great graffics
Great idea
Great movement...
Your gunna get far in flash..


that animation ripped a good smile outta my face! nice job

Forgive me if I'm wrong...

Is the song a loose parody of "Big Bad John"?
It's definitely of the same style.

I actually liked the song a lot. There were a few points where the flow seemed interrupted, but otherwise, very nice. Done very well.

The animation was pretty good too, very humorous characters.
All in all, Good Job!

- Jeremiah Frost -


That was amazing! And funny =) This deserves frontpage!


Seriously, the music and animation were top-notch. I have an old 45 rpm record of Lorne Greene singing the 'Bonanza' theme, and on its flip-side is a song called 'Ringo'. Very esoteric, but it gave me an added grin to recognize the source-song for this tune for this flash (and no, it's not the dog Ringo, either - lol).