Reviews for "EEL"


graphics and sound could be a tad better

other than that twas awesome !

Wolfenheim responds:

Thank you! Yeah I agree with you about the graphics and sound, its so hard to find decent sound effects online :/. And the style is supposed to be kinda simplistic, but it could be better haha.

Not Mr. Pringles!!

Animation was a little bit lame, good idea though.

It was funny

I like those things that just keep repeating themselves....


odd, but it made me laugh. more creative than some. i rly liked the basic drawing, but...well...if you do another, spend a bit more time on it, perfect it.but yeah, it made me laugh, so im happy :D


Can't say it was bad.
Can't say it was good.

Not something I laughed at, but very unique idea and completely original.
Loved the random thing at the end.
I thought the guy was named Eel =p

7 Stars for you, chap.