Reviews for "EEL"

That was good!

The line overlapping on the animation bothered me a little, bu other then that it was very good!


I think I was scared out of my pants when that thing shot up out of nowhere.. I was in shock for a few seconds.
I didn't really get it, but reading some comments below, it makes a little more sense to me..
And I think you're right, a lot of morals and different practical perspectives could be construed and applied through this. Nice job :D

P.S. I liked the mustache... it made me laugh :) don't ask me why..

That were creative.

Certainly a bit from what i have seen so far at newgrounds at least.
I vote 5 for you. =)


well the EEL part was very off the wall but made me laugh :D


goog movie i wasnt expecting there to be an actual eel in this for some reason but i like the simplified animating and the sound effects and stuff were well timed. 5/5 9/10