Reviews for "EEL"

Not bad my friend

Interesting concept and original. It must be nice to get front paged! Maybe I'll be up there too someday lol

got it

ok i got it now the lesson is never answer a random ringing phone unless you want to get eaten by a huge ass eel...thats a helluva lesson...


Ye wow you know what i liked that a lot and well i dont know i just liked that!

Pretty good

The idea was cool, and the animation got the point across. The only thing I didn't get was why the guy just stood there and let himself get eaten. I like how it leaves it kind of open ended, although I think the end lasted a little bit too long. It reminded me of that cartoon "gum" by Rtil.


The amount of times this has fucking happened to me is unreal.

Wolfenheim responds:

seriously, never use public phones, even though i do :|. its why cell phones were invented, to keep track of you, aaand to prevent phone-eels