Reviews for "EEL"


the ending was nice. the eel was very well animated


I kept thinking to myself "when will the eel come in?" and BAM!!! I didn't expect that at all. haha this was great! 10 stars, my friend!

set the trap

THis animation was very classic. It almost felt like an Indi film in some parts, which is why I thought it was brilliant. I thought the idea was great and not too stretched (like having more than one guy getting baited in. Seeing one die and then onther about to be baited was good enough.). I thought it was marvelous so Kreds and Kuddos to you my friend!


P.S. I must say the Indi-ness made the movie much better. If it didn't have it, it would have been less than it was.

2nd P.S. I also really loved the detail of the eel. I thought it was great

3rd P.S. I thought, however, that maybe you should have kept "EEL" out of Caps. It did kind of feel that it stood for something. But now that I think of it, it could go with the Indi factor so nevermind

10/10 :D


You have inspired me with this flash. I'm going to find a public phone, probably the one outside my school, and glue it down. Then call it. OVER AND OVER AND OVER.

This animation was great. The only improvement I could think would be to give the first guy a voice. Or make him grunt. The effort he put into that would have probably made him make SOME kind of sound.

Anyway, excellent work. Perfect score.

Wolfenheim responds:

If you do glue down the phone and call it over and over, please take a video of it and send me a link >:)

six words...