Reviews for "EEL"


Good little animation for the lulz, but the line overlapping the animation was a bit annoying also when you think about it, wouldnt it have made sense had the eel eaten the bloke first before?
What happened is it lessened the 'punch line', as we knew before it happened (well anyone with any IQ and sense to obviousness) that the eel was going to eat the guy.

I've given you a 6 for this but had the flash had depth with the drawings and colour, alongwith a punchline that came out of no where ie: 'eel comes out of no where and eats guy all of a sudden' then i'd have given more stars.
6/10 isnt too bad though its above average :)

Not Mr. Pringles!!

Animation was a little bit lame, good idea though.


simply awesome! i love the randomness, and duhh of course the phones not gonna come off, its drawn on.
ha ha the graphics were terrible. but i loved it because it added humor and it was a very simple layout.

Good work mate. 5/5 10/10


I think I was scared out of my pants when that thing shot up out of nowhere.. I was in shock for a few seconds.
I didn't really get it, but reading some comments below, it makes a little more sense to me..
And I think you're right, a lot of morals and different practical perspectives could be construed and applied through this. Nice job :D

P.S. I liked the mustache... it made me laugh :) don't ask me why..


Well, woudja look at that.

I didn't hate it, but it was just okay to me.