Reviews for "EEL"


it was quite amazing... btw it has only 5 MB, but took ages to load. but that's not your fault. so: 10/10, 5/5 :D


HOLY CRAP THAT JUST BLEW MY MIND. I was stunned. That was so unexpected, it ...blew my mind. The animation and drawing was very simplistic, but it worked. Anything more would have subtracted from the animation as a whole, in my opinion. You sir, have a fan.

That were creative.

Certainly a bit from what i have seen so far at newgrounds at least.
I vote 5 for you. =)


Hmmm, the sound was off, always occurring too late, but other than that was a very good flash for what it was! keep up the good work!

Did not see THAT one coming!

It was just paced a bit slow, but everything else was good. 2 thumbs up!