Reviews for "EEL"


but good keep up the work

got it

ok i got it now the lesson is never answer a random ringing phone unless you want to get eaten by a huge ass eel...thats a helluva lesson...


Did not see that one comming ;)

Good job


I kept thinking to myself "when will the eel come in?" and BAM!!! I didn't expect that at all. haha this was great! 10 stars, my friend!

It's kinda...

It's kinda overused in some way. Like the movie GUM, except GUM was much better and all. I think that's why many people don't like this. I don't really think this is fp worthy either, the concept could have been good. But it needed music, better sounds, better animation, art and color. Better background, speed, and music. And you must stream the sound, thank you.

You're onto something anyway, the animation was kind of nice, but the detail was kind of poor. Like when the shadow came over him, he should have looked up, maybe screamed. I don't know (maybe it was part of the humor, but it seemed lazy anyway), the shadow should have grown bigger as the eel fell and so on. I don't have the time to name all the things you could have done better, but my point is, when the phone came up from the ground again, I knew exactly what was going to happen in the rest of the movie.

Keep on flashing anyway, you're onto something. Just detailize. If you bother reading this.