Reviews for "EEL"


I liked it, although it did kinda take a while. The graphics were simple but well done, and the idea was quite nice. It just got a little boring toward the end as I waited for something interesting to happen.

i dont really know what to say.

it was really interesting,but it has too much depth in it to just be a giant eel (unless you refer to it as a comedy flash movie).
i think that it just describes the old saying "curiosity killed the cat".
anyways,i guess my point is that you took something pretty deep,and turned it into some sort of joke.
but still, i loved it.

I dont know why

but i was surprised by how good this was, both the animation and the plot. i really liked it. solid work, keep it up.

Well.... original

Well its defiantly original, never seen anything like that. I like the idea now we just need to see the EEL 2

Keep up the good work!

4/5 8/10


This Reminds Me Of My Bf's EEl Penis Monster XD

Wolfenheim responds:

That is an interesting comment, thank you.