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Reviews for "The 3 Second Collab"


great idea, AWeSOME!!!! 5/5 10/10

omg no!

when i submitted my part i was expecting the others parts to be A LOT better! i'm so disappointed! i was so excited to see this collab but most party were just stupid! omg i'm so sad!

don't get me wrong, there were some really cool parts (liked the style of the short with the guy who is hit by an apple, i dunno the artist name - didn't look for it) but others are just stupid text! :*-O

but: funkycaveman, the menu was just great!

i dunno what to say anymore. -.-


Mine was probably the suckiest though. :O


The art quality was almost universally poor. Most of the collab segments looked like they took 3 seconds instead of lasting 3 seconds, harsh as it sounds.

Having a collaboration with such an abstract topic hurts it more than it helps it. There was nothing tying one segment to the next aside from the length, which was, as the title says, 3 seconds. It made it feel almost like watching a Warioware game, which is almost headache inducing.

The sound was almost non existent, as the song was it. It looped poorly as well, and was a little bit annoying.

Sorry, but this collab was not terrible enjoyable. I didn't even smirk at most of the humor, and it was almost universally low quality work. I can only advise to make a more cohesive collab next time, and improve your art and animation.

It was a good idea

But too many of the flashes were way too bad.

I was going to crack a joke about the animation BEING three seconds, not TAKING three, but I won't, because that is mean.

Next time, try 'n either...
-Recruit some better animators (No offence)
-Get everyone to improve by then. :D