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Reviews for "The 3 Second Collab"

i lalled a couple times

but only one part made me go "wow that was baller" and that was the part where all the stickmen killed each other. kudos to that guy. also the computer sex bits were amazing

Best flash ever

You know it

I had some great times

But now we all have to go our seperate ways. Well i had a blast making this, and it came out amazing DS. Enjoy people who were not in it.


it was cool at parts and lame at parts too. idk what to really say- it wasent all that bad or anything it was just really fuckin random. good job to all anyway.

LOL funney

If anyone says nothing can come of 3 seconds get them to watch this flash animation... I personaly think it was a verry verry funney flash and should be recongnised as sutch. anyway good work guys and thanks for this flash.