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Reviews for "The 3 Second Collab"

Could've been better

There are some very good parts in this collab, but some of them are just awful and anoying (most of all those flashing images). Those parts should've never made it into finished movie.

The main problem here is that there isn't a main direction. All parts are just short 3 second clips. It's very hard to come up with a good joke if you only have 3 seconds to tell it. I think it would've been better if there was another major topic for this collab except for "it has to be 3 seconds long".

The song used in the collab is another problem. While the main tune is very nice and does fit to the collab it plays 2 and a half times during the collab. I think it would be better if you either used a song that is as long as the collab itself or if you played different tracks. It's a bit anoying to listen to the same song over and over again.

{ Review Request Club }

This is a nice idea..now build up on it.

I like the idea and some of the flashes were linked, which I liked. However, there are some that shouldn't really be there, like SUPER SEIZURE FUN TIME NAMEPLUG. Hopefully it'll be better in part 2. ( If there is one)

Some good, some spam

Well with various artists, comes various flash. Unfortunately some of the artists in this collab decided it was better to give some people seizures then to actually work on a simple 3 second flash. Cutting some of the spam flash in here would greatly improve it, because for 3 seconds some of them are good. Overall with some editing or removing this collab could be much better. Good attempt with an ok result.

(Review Request Club)


Turned out interesting, because I haven't seen many of these parts before it was submitted. Hope you guys like my contribution to the collab.


You actualy remembered me! I didn't think I would get in, although my part was very small (so was everyone elses lol).