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Reviews for "The 3 Second Collab"


that was really random

Very well done

Hell yea brother keep goin and makin more my brother

pretty nice

somepeople need work more hard but was exelent

Pretty nifty.

Who knew there would be so much history behind this collab? This is one collab that I really wish I would have joined. It is so simple, but its simplicity is what makes it great. My favorite parts were the computer scenes, the falling whale scenes, and the part where the cake ate the person. I really enjoyed the pieces that were scattered out in different parts throughout the movie. The music added to the coolness of this collab as well. I'll be sure to recommend this to the NG Collabs collection. Anyway, great job everyone and keep up the good work!

Fair good but draged down a bit.

It was ok and and well worth watching.
But I agree with Lord-Of-Lazyness, some of the artists in this collab just didn't try and submitted stupid thing full of nothing but tweens and flashing colors.
Without these pour quality parts dragging it down I feel this collab could have gotten around a 4.15 or at least a higher score than what it got.
Still as far as collab's go, it turned out pretty good. :)